Item #1597 [THE COLD WAR : ZHITOMIRSKY] Zhalo imperializma [i.e. A Sting of Imperialism]. N. Yakovlev.
[THE COLD WAR : ZHITOMIRSKY] Zhalo imperializma [i.e. A Sting of Imperialism]
[THE COLD WAR : ZHITOMIRSKY] Zhalo imperializma [i.e. A Sting of Imperialism]

[THE COLD WAR : ZHITOMIRSKY] Zhalo imperializma [i.e. A Sting of Imperialism]

Moscow: Detskaia literatura, 1968. Item #1597

95 pp. 20,5x14,5 cm. In original photomontage cardboards; illustrated endpapers. Rubbed, bumped and slightly soiled, otherwise very good and clean internally.
First edition. Very rare.
Design was created by artist Alexander Zhitomirsky (1907-1993) who had found an ideal niche for his art in political propaganda. Starting to combine photographs in the late 1920s, he was influenced by the Rodchenko, Lissitzky, Klutsis, Stenberg brothers and experienced the visual language of communication. His absolute oeuvre was designs of a propaganda magazine ‘Front Illustrierte für Deutschen Soldaten’ [Front Illustration for German Soldiers] published during World War II. It gained success because of grotesque photomontages and after the war was over, Zhitomirsky continued to create in a similar style. Throughout the Cold War period, Zhitomirsky produced powerful propaganda works on capitalist values, government leaders, peace, disarmament, etc.
This cover design features costumed yet impersonal marionettes succumbing to a predatory bourgeois hand. The puppets are named “CIA” and prepare and set fire to bombs. Most likely, this caricature hides Allen Dulles, a head of the Central Intelligence Agency during the early Cold War.
It is a juvenile book against American imperialism written by historian Nikolai Yakovlev (1927-1996). In the 1960-1970s, he published works on USA history and imperialism. Among them are “Pearl Harbor Mystery” (1963), Those Who Overstepped a Brink” (1970), “The CIA is a Weapon of Mental War” (1979), as well as his absolute winner “The CIA against the USSR” that was printed multiple times in various publishing houses over the country in 1983.
In this particular book, Yakovlev writes: “In the struggle against countries of socialism and democratic movement, the capitalist world regards anti-communism as its main weapon that imbues all the politics and spiritual life of the West. The anti-communists are trying to revive undivided domination of capital on our planet. Doubtlessly, American anti-communists are vanguard. Naturalists studied and described poisonous reptiles in detail - in this way they benefited people. This book is about how a person, like avoiding poisonous snakes, should beware of a poisonous sting of anti-communism”. Yakovlev explains how they hide and distort information, and influence the consciousness of people beyond the Soviet Union. He stressed that psychological warfare is quiet but devastating.

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