Item #1633 [THE SOVIET UNION AGAINST NAZI SPIES] Kovarnyye proiski gitlerovskikh banditov [i.e. Insidious Machinations of Nazi Bandits]. V. Nosov.

[THE SOVIET UNION AGAINST NAZI SPIES] Kovarnyye proiski gitlerovskikh banditov [i.e. Insidious Machinations of Nazi Bandits]

Krasnoyarsk: Voyenizdat NKO SSSR, Krasnoyar. otd-niye, 1942. Item #1633

22, [2] pp. (including wrappers). 14x10,5 cm. In original printed publisher’s wrappers. Very good. A few small tears and pale stainsof the wrappers, inscription on p.2 (pen).
Extremely scarce. First edition. Edited by I. Gavrilin.
A Soviet book about the German intelligence service and the Soviet fight against Nazi spies. The timing of the publication coincided with the peak of Nazi intelligence activity in the USSR. The edition was put into print towards the end of the Battle of Moscow (1941-1942), which marked a turning point in WW2 and served as the beginning of the Allied victory. Compiled by V. Nosov, this book tells the stories of Nazi spies and whisperers (spies disseminating false information) captured by Soviet forces in different institutions across the country. The author occasionally offers an analysis of the mistakes made by the Soviets and encourages readers to be more vigilant in the fight against foreign intelligence services.
The book was published in Krasnoyarsk a few months after the Soviet victory in the Krasnoyarsk Defensive Operation – a major battle fought between the USSR and the Empire of Japan from October 1941 to January 1942.
Throughout Stalinist times, the city was a major center of the gulag system with numerous labor camps. During World War II, dozens of factories, military hospitals, industrial enterprises, theaters, universities, and other educational institutions (80 large enterprises) were evacuated from Ukraine and Western Russia to Krasnoyarsk and nearby towns, stimulating the industrial growth of the city. The main burden of labor in the rear (in production and agriculture) fell on the shoulders of women, the elderly, and adolescents. Krasnoyarsk residents transferred over 200 million rubles, hundreds of thousands of bread and other products, and 115 thousand warm clothes from their personal savings to the defense fund. From 1941 to 1945, Krasnoyarsk witnessed a strong wave of agitation, urging citizens to endure and be vigilant in the fight against the enemy. This book represents an interesting example of an anti-Fascist campaign that unfolded in the city.
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