Kostyor: Stikhi [i.e. Bonfire: Poems]. N. S. Gumilev.

Kostyor: Stikhi [i.e. Bonfire: Poems]

Berlin: Z.I. Grzhebin, 1922. Item #346

59, [1] pp. 14,5x11,5 cm. Second edition. In original printed wrappers. Lacking rear wrapper, erased signature on the last page, front wrapper
rubbed and with small tears.

Nikolai Gumilev (1886-1921) was an influential poet of the Silver Age, a versatile critic, translator, prose writer, and theorist of poetry.

In 1921 Gumilev was arrested, charged as a co-conspirator in the anti-communist conspiracy known as the Tagantsev plot, and executed without trial. For several years, the Soviet establishment regarded him as a non-person. In the years after Gumilev’s death, his works and reputation fell into obscurity. Only in the mid-1980s did Soviet authorities allow the publication of Gumilev’s works.
Despite his fate, Gumilev was not included in the list of persons whose works were all to be seized. In the catalog of the Library of Academy of Sciences in special depository there were only foreign editions of his poems, including this collection Kostyor.

In 1919 Zinovii Grzhebin (1877-1929) founded the Publishing House of Z.I. Grzhebin, the actual head of which was Maxim Gorky. For a widely conceived publishing enterprise Grzhebin bought manuscripts of authors in large quantities. In 1920 he left for Berlin, where he founded a branch of his publishing house and published some of the manuscripts purchased earlier. However, in 1923 he was ruined and the publishing house ceased to exist. This is one of the last books of that publishing company.


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