[ARABIC LINGUISTICS] Sharh-e nizam fi sarf [i.e. Selected Explanation]. Nizām al-Dīn al-Hasan ibn Muhammad Nisaburi.
[ARABIC LINGUISTICS] Sharh-e nizam fi sarf [i.e. Selected Explanation]
[ARABIC LINGUISTICS] Sharh-e nizam fi sarf [i.e. Selected Explanation]

[ARABIC LINGUISTICS] Sharh-e nizam fi sarf [i.e. Selected Explanation]

Tehran: Typ. Of ‘Ālish ān Karbal ā ī Muhammad Qullī a-Karbal ā’ ī Muhammad Humayun, 1872. Item #405

Lithographed edition. 111 unnumbered leaves. 21,5x16,5 cm. Text in Arabic with commentaries in Farsi on the margins. Verso of the first page houses the title in a calligraphic medallion and stamps of the previous owner ‘Umar Mustafa’. Contemporary dark brown Persian full calf with blind stamped borders and a paper title label on the spine, pastedown endpapers are leaves from a different book. Binding rubbed on extremities, the first and the last leaves slightly soiled, but overall a very good copy in very original condition.

Rare lithographed Iranian edition with no copies found in Worldcat. The book is a detailed commentary to Imam Shafiyah Usman ibn Omar’s (1174-1249) classic work on ‘‘ilm al-sarf’’, or morphology and root derivatives in Arabic language. Al-Nīsābūrī was an outstanding Persian mathematician, astronomer, theologist and poet, who tried to integrate astronomy into the tradition of Islamic religious scholarship. Al-Nisaburi belonged to the school of famous Persian scientists and theologists Qutb al-Dinal-Shirazi (1236-1311) and Nasir al-Din Tusi (1201-1274), and together with them founded the Maragheh observatory, one of the most prestigious in the world at the time.

‘‘Sharh-e nizam fi sarf’’ analyses the theory of Arabic morphology and grammar suggested by Imam Shafiyah Usman ibn Omar’s (also known as ‘‘Ibn al – Hajib’’ – ‘‘The son of one who hides secrets’’ or ‘‘K’a shif al-Asrar’’ – ‘‘Revealing the Secrets’’). There is also a preface dedicated to life and religious path of Ibn al-Hajib, who was an influential Maliki scholar, theologist and grammatist. Being generally a linguistic work, ‘‘Sharh-e nizam fi sarf’’ implies valuable philosophical insight of the Maliki school of thought.

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