[LARIONOV AND GONCHAROVA] Luchizm [i.e. Rayonism]. M. F. Larionov.
[LARIONOV AND GONCHAROVA] Luchizm [i.e. Rayonism]
[LARIONOV AND GONCHAROVA] Luchizm [i.e. Rayonism]

[LARIONOV AND GONCHAROVA] Luchizm [i.e. Rayonism]

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Moscow: Izd. K. i K., 1913. 21 pp., 6 ill. 15x12 cm.
In original printed wrappers. Very good, spine carefully restored, covers slightly soiled.
First and only edition. One of 1000 copies. Very rare.
This is a manifesto of one of the earliest abstract styles emerged in Russia.
It was established by pioneers of Russian avant-garde Mikhail Larionov (1881-1964)
and Natalia Goncharova (1881-1962). In the 1910s they made their own way in nonobjective
art focusing on the nature of vision.
In the brochure, rayonism is a full-fledged style and the artist keeps silent
about its origins. Its early elements featured in the works of 1912, including design
of the book “Starinnaya liubov” [i.e. Old-Time Love] by A. Kruchyonykh. The rayonism
was presented to the general public at the famous show ‘Target’ in 1913 and this
manifesto was selling on an opening day. Larionov showed 3 rayonist paintings and
Goncharova exhibited 6 rayonist paintings. The brochure introduces six works by
Larionov and Goncharova, equally three paintings by each one: ‘Rayonist Sausages and
Mackerel’, ‘Rayonist Portrait of Natalia Goncharova’, ‘Night City’, ‘Clown’ and two rayonist
As the painting style, the rayonism disappeared in late 1914, but there
was an interesting expression of this art in Diaghilev’s performances in following
years. In 1915 the luchist duo left the country to dive into the stage design of the
Ballets Russes. In a short period of time, Luchism, although it was a deeply individual
phenomenon, went through two stages (pseudo-rayonism and rayonism) and was able
to influence the development of the Russian avant-garde.
Copies located at Princeton University, Amherst College and Getty Research Institute
according to Worldcat.

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