Item #1501 Povstannia na “Potemkine” [i.e. The Mutiny on the “Potemkin”]. A. Platonov.
Povstannia na “Potemkine” [i.e. The Mutiny on the “Potemkin”]

Povstannia na “Potemkine” [i.e. The Mutiny on the “Potemkin”]

Kharkiv: Na varti, 1930. Item #1501

32 pp. 18x12,5 cm. In original illustrated wrappers. Slightly rubbed, numbers and publisher’s stamps on front cover and title page, otherwise very good.
One of 7000 copies. In Ukrainian.

The anonymous constructivist cover design features a photomontage of three film stills from “Battleship Potemkin” (1925) by Sergei Eisenstein: “Potemkin” itself; the crew alongside weapons; and a key scene. In this last film still, sailors who refused their meal and were judged guilty of insubordination, stand on the foredeck, a canvas cover thrown over them and a firing squad with rifles lined up before them. It is the turning point for the sailors; the moment that the mutiny became inevitable.
Apart from the film stills, two pre-revolutionary newspaper clippings about the battleship and “the first victory of the revolution” are incorporated into the montage, just behind the image of the warship.
The book itself is about the historical events which took place on board the battleship “Potemkin” and the streets of Odessa and Sevastopol in 1905. It also explores the role the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party played in these revolutionary events.
The author, the Russian and Soviet navy officer and engineer Alexei Platonov (1894–1938), was a member of the Navy Department of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee from 1917 to1918. He was engaged in the development of Soviet submarines and underwater weaponry. During the Great Purge, Platonov was accused of Trotskyism and executed.
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