Terms of Sale

Code of Ethics 

As a member of International League of Antiquarian Booksellers we are obliged to follow accepted Code of Ethics. Therefore we are responsible for the accurate identification and description of all material offered for sale.

Intention to return an item should be communicated as soon as possible within an agreed time frame and in accordance with local laws. When no prior agreement has been made, the communication of intent should be made no later than ten days after receipt of the goods.

Refunds should be made or credited to the credit card promptly when a customer has made a return acceptable to us. 

We are responsible for the professional pricing of all material offered for sale, regardless of whether we are dealing with experts or amateurs. 

We vouch for and make every reasonable effort to substantiate the authenticity of all materials offered for sale. Should it be determined that such material is not authentic or is questionable, then it shall be returnable for a full cash refund, or on some other mutually agreed terms. 

We are responsible for passing to the buyer clear title to all material sold, and do not knowingly purchase, hold or attempt to re-sell stolen material. 

Responsibility for damage or loss in transit shall rest with the sender. We attend to the careful and appropriate handling, packing, posting and shipping of material to ensure that it reaches the buyer in the same condition as when purchased. 

The supplier must be paid the full amount of his invoice; the buyer is responsible for all clearing and bank charges relating to the transaction. 

Terms and Conditions

It should be understood that books are normally offered for sale in catalogues, and on online databases and websites at the price affixed, subject to prior sale, and that payment is either due in advance or, when satisfactory credit has been established, promptly on receipt of the goods, or within 30 days of invoice if prior arrangement has been made. In the case of special offers, courtesy requires that an option to purchase be assured for a certain time which should be specified. Any divergence from these generally accepted terms should be expressly stated.


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We ship orders worldwide and offer different shipping options: regular post, courier service (DHL, FedEx, UPS). Prices are calculated offline.