Item #1723 [WOMEN’S ISSUE] Original illustration for a magazine cover

[WOMEN’S ISSUE] Original illustration for a magazine cover

Item #1723

[Moscow, 1928]. 62x47,5 cm. Tears of edges, creases. Repaired with pieces of paper on rear side.

This illustration was published as a front cover design for “Women Magazine” (No. 3 for 1928), with minor changes. The work lacks a monogram or a signature. Coloring quite large spaces in one color and some uneven outlines resembles the use of cutout patterns for poster production. “Women Magazine” was an early Soviet feminist periodical that was devoted to life in the newly formed socialist country. The edition features the everyday women’s problems related to health, family, children, education and work. Issues of the magazine were released with photomontage or drawn cover designs. This one was dedicated to celebration of International Women’s Day and promotion of emancipation of Soviet female workers and peasants.

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