Item #1729 [KAZAKHSTAN] Dzhambul [i.e. Jambyl]

[KAZAKHSTAN] Dzhambul [i.e. Jambyl]

Item #1729

Moscow: Reklamfil’m, 1952. 54x39 cm. Small tears of edges, pale water stains and some spots on blank edges, otherwise very good.

‘Jambyl’ [or more precisely Zhambyl] is a 1952 Soviet drama film directed by Efim Dzigan at the Alma-Ata film studio of feature and newsreel films. The picture was released in 1953. Efim Dzigan began his career in 1924. He was an actor, camera assistant, assistant director at various studios in the country: “Sevzapkino”, “Sovkino”, “Goskinprom of Georgia”, “Belgoskino”, etc. In 1932, Dzigan was appointed director of the Mosfilm studio. After the wartime evacuation of studios, he ended up in Alma-Ata and Baku. At this time, he thought up to collaborate with the father of Kazakh cinematography, Shaken Aimanov (1914-1970). Together, they worked on moving pictures mixing Kazakh national motifs and Stalinist ideology.
One of such movies was ‘Jambyl’ starring Shaken Aimanov. Other contributors, including cast and crew, are listed in the poster. The film was devoted to the life of Kazakh traditional folksinger Zhambyl Zhabayuly (1846-1945). He sang exclusively in the Kazakh language. Loads of pro-revolution and pro-Stalin poems and songs were attributed to
Zhambyl in the 1930s.

This advertising poster was created by a trio of Ukrainian designers Mikhail Khazanovsky (1912-1990), Mikhail Kheifits (1915-1985) and Lazar Rappoport (1912-1985). All of them studied at Kharkiv Art University in the early 1930s, then moved to Moscow and worked for “Reklamfilm” after the Second World War. Their first collaboration was in the late 1940s. In all, they co-designed a range of political, socialist and movie posters.

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