Item #1943 [INDUSTRIALIZATION] Vid kopacha do traktora [i.e. From Digger to Tractor]. Oleksander Rubinshtein.
[INDUSTRIALIZATION] Vid kopacha do traktora [i.e. From Digger to Tractor]
[INDUSTRIALIZATION] Vid kopacha do traktora [i.e. From Digger to Tractor]
[INDUSTRIALIZATION] Vid kopacha do traktora [i.e. From Digger to Tractor]

[INDUSTRIALIZATION] Vid kopacha do traktora [i.e. From Digger to Tractor]

Derzhavne Vydavnytstvo Ukrainy, 1925. Item #1943

44, [4] pp. 23 x 14 cm. Original publisher’s illustrated wrappers. In Ukrainian. One of 10 000 copies. Two-colour illustrated wrapper, designed by an anonymous artist. Depicting early and modern farming methods. Good condition. Minor cover soiling. Light damp stain to the bottom of the brochure. Creases of p. 37-44. Back of the title and p. 33 shows the Derzhavna Publichna Biblioteka URSR stamp with blank inventory number – the book was discarded before entering the library system during Soviet times.

Oleksander L'vovych Rubinshtein (1885 - ?) was an Odesa-based Ukrainian and later Soviet journalist and screenwriter of at least 5 films, active also as lecturer and educator. Rubinshtein’s only mention is in: Scenaristy` sovetskogo xudozhestvennogo kino. 1917-1967: Spravochnik (Moskva: Gosfil`mofond SSSR, 1972; p. 312). The book is one of Rubinshtein’s educational works: with a considerably large run, lots of illustrations and easy text, its aim was to tell a condensed story of the technical development in farming. It follows the agricultural methods from the early humans era to the 1920’s - an era of automatisation, mechanics and machines. A stark emphasis on Soviet and American tractors helps the author to note the vast possibilities of a broader village mechanisation. The book is nonpolitical in its nature but praises the Soviet politics of rural industrialisation and applying knowledge and insights of educated specialists to receive a larger amount of crops. The appearance of the first tractor in Ukraine is one of the central themes in the classic 1930 Zemlia by A. Dovzhenko (1894-1956).
Just in 7 years from the publication of the book, Ukraine was crushed by Holodomor, a famine formed by a mix of factors, one of which being the poor Soviet agricultural management. The Holodomor resulted in the deaths of several millions of Ukrainians and is considered a national tragedy nowadays.
The library stamp identifies the book as once belonging to the National Library of Ukraine, founded 1918. It was referred to as Derzhavna Publichna Biblioteka URSR in the period of 1948-1965.

Rare. Not listed in WorldCat nor KVK. Not in the National library of Ukraine.

Price: $950.00

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