Item #1976 [KAMENSKY CIRCA 1922] Moi zhurnal – Vasiliia Kamenskogo. [i.e. My Magazine – by Vasily Kamensky]. V. Kamensky.
[KAMENSKY CIRCA 1922] Moi zhurnal – Vasiliia Kamenskogo. [i.e. My Magazine – by Vasily Kamensky]
[KAMENSKY CIRCA 1922] Moi zhurnal – Vasiliia Kamenskogo. [i.e. My Magazine – by Vasily Kamensky]

[KAMENSKY CIRCA 1922] Moi zhurnal – Vasiliia Kamenskogo. [i.e. My Magazine – by Vasily Kamensky]

Item #1976

Moscow: 5th typo-lithographic shop of MSHKH (Moscow Council of National Economy), 1922. 16 pp. 34x25,3 cm. 1 of 3000 copies. Original illustrated wrappers by Pavel Kuznetsov and Elena Bebutova. Occasional stains and some foxing, but all in all a very good copy, that was never bound with 3 original staples preserved without rust.

First and only edition of the first and only issue of this ‘periodical’. The title should not confuse the reader, as this edition is nothing but another futuristic experiment by Vasiliy Kamensky, filled up entirely with his texts, photos of the plane he flew, advertisements for his past books and calls to publishers to print his new, already written, books.
Vasily Kamensky (1884-1961) - Russian futurist poet and artist, one of the first Russian aviators, a member of ‘Left Front of Art’. He has influenced Russian and Western poetry and book design in an unprecedented way, creating his ‘ferro-concrete’ poems, experimenting with the book formats and letterpress design.
In this particular publication, which is less known than some of the other works by Kamensky, the experiment continues – one can see that Kamensky is responsible for the letterpress compositions in the advertisement section as well as in text. One of the texts is printed upside down, next to the article by the author on the significance of the letter ‘Ю’ in Russian language. The large format (by our estimate this is the largest publication by Kamensky) allowed space for the typographical experiments.
Published in February of 1922, the magazine is starting with a little manifesto: “Even in my distant childhood, I dreamed of my own magazine. And then, ascending the steps of the sent years of my youth, many times I realized my dream, which was close and understandable to few people, using handwritten means. Now I have grown a lot, I have become big, smart and quick-witted. And more - everything around me turned towards me in a welcoming and brightening way, as if wanting to celebrate me for my unabated love for a talented life. And so I lived to see “My Journal.”

Below the blitz-questionnaire is published with some friends of Kamensky commenting of the publication, including Mayakovsky, Alisa Koonen, Tairov, Pavel Kuznetsov and Soviet minister of Culture Lunacharsky who allegedly welcomed the publication ‘I’ll be honored to participate’. Important is Kamensky’s open letter to VKHUTEMAS students, in which he invites them to ‘new world, the left world’. VKHUTEMAS was in operation for 1,5 years at the time.

The issue includes the advertisement of Kamensky himself, in which he offers his reading services, as well as this: ‘I am ready to travel (it’s inappropriate to say – walk), to any flat as an honored guest. I can read poetry, tell stories and act appropriately, simply – and I never harm anyone’. The magazine was a commercial fiasco at the time. Now we see it as an important stage in the experimentations of one of the most original of Russian avant-garde authors and artists.

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