Item #335

Skazka kak Lyon’ka-Buza pionerom stal [i.e. Fairy Tale of How Shindy Lyon’ka Became a Pioneer]. [N.p., 1930s]. 10 pp.: ill. 28,5х22 cm. In paper boards with a colored front cover. Squared notebook, violet pencil, drawings on separate leaves of paper bound in.

Manuscript layout for a children’s book that was never printed. Notebook with handwritten text in verse and drawings. The text was written by Alexander Kuznetsov which is handwritten in pencil on the first page. Front cover and 16 illustrations made by artist Konstantin Konstantinovich Ivanov (1921-2003). He worked mostly in political, propaganda and satirical art and his satirical style can be seen in this manuscript. Satirical story in verse about a young rebellious country man who is transformed into pioneer (youth organization in USSR) by the end of the tale. It is not a miracle transformation but forced on him by his parents through taking him to ispolkom (i.e. executive committee of the village) where he had a conversation with the chairman behind closed doors. When he came outside he changed and wanted to study and become a pioneer. Such satirical propaganda was common in Soviet Union.


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