Item #480 [NATALIA GONCHAROVA] [Catalogue] Goncharova

[NATALIA GONCHAROVA] [Catalogue] Goncharova

Item #480

3rd edition. Moscow: Tipo-lit. V. Rikhter, 1913. 8 pp. 20,5x15.6 cm. In original illustrated wrappers. Near fine.

Extremely rare especially in such mint condition. Reproduction of a rayonist work of the artist on the front cover.

This is the third edition of the famous first catalogue for the first retrospective show held by Natalia Goncharova (1881-1962) in Moscow in the fall of 1913. All three editions differ from each other by the front cover and contents. The third edition has only the list of exhibition items.

Almost 800 works were exhibited at that show from early expressionist studies to abstract series ‘’Artistic possibilities about peacock’’ (1911) and rayonist works. Critics regarded this quality as evidence of eclecticism and ‘‘illegibility’’: «Impressionism, Cubism, futurism, Larionov’s radiant energy, some theory of some Firsov ... and where is Natalia Goncharova herself, her artistic self?». But voices were heard in her defense, and the most authoritative ones. One of them belonged to Alexander Benois. Usually quite conservative in his assessments, Benoit confessed that he ''experienced very much during these two days at the Goncharova exhibition'' and resolutely revised his attitude to the artist. Soon after his article full of genuine delight, Goncharova received an order from Sergei Diaghilev for the design of the opera-ballet ‘The Golden Cockerel’ and went to Paris. Thus began her world fame; according to the memoirs of Marina Tsvetaeva, her name then ‘sounded as victory’.

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