[TORTURED UKRAINE] [Poster] Palachi terzaiut Ukrainu [i.e. Butchers are Tearing Ukraine Apart. Kill the Butchers!]

Item #638

Moscow, 1919. 62x53 cm.

Famous poster by Viktor Deni (1893-1946) showing Ukraine as a martyr being put on the cross by Pan Petlyura, the leader of the People’s Republic of Ukraine from 1919 to 1920. Being considered a war criminal throughout Soviet times, Symon Petlyura (1879-1926) now is regarded as a national hero in Ukraine’s struggle for the independence.

Deni is one of the founders of Soviet caricature tradition, one of the founders of ‘Krokodil’, together with Moor created the unique style of ‘Bezbozhnik’ magazines, and later worked on WWII propaganda. This is one of his most famous works from the early period.

In 2014 the same poster was removed from the exhibition of Russian art of the 1910-20s in Vienna after the request from the Russian embassy. The reason for that is that Russians have found the poster offensive in the current political climate.

Price: $5,000.00

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