Item #749 [VARVARA STEPANOVA & MAYAKOVSKY’S COLLABORATION] Groznyi smekh. Okna Rosta [i.e. Menacing Laughter: The ROSTA Windows]. V. V. Mayakovsky.

[VARVARA STEPANOVA & MAYAKOVSKY’S COLLABORATION] Groznyi smekh. Okna Rosta [i.e. Menacing Laughter: The ROSTA Windows]

Moscow: GIKhL, 1932. Item #749

[1], 79 pp.: ill. 25х22 сm. In original constructivist cardboards and dust jacket, both with red and black lettering. Dust jacket is slightly restored, but generally in very good / near fine condition.

First edition. One of 3000 copies. Extremely rare in this condition. Brilliant edition that became the last Mayakovsky’s project he compiled himself.
The book was designed by constructivist artist Varvara Stepanova (1894-1958). She created the unusual edition combining the regular leaves with half-width leaves. The endpapers present Stepanova’s photomontage with the first four lines of Mayakovsky’s ‘Red hedgehog’ (1920), one of the ROSTA Windows’ texts. For this work she used a photograph of Red Army soldier by Boris Ignatovich (1899-1976), a pioneer of Soviet avant-garde photography in the 1920-1930s, a member of ‘Oktyabr’ art group, who contributed to the magazines ‘Daesh’ and ‘USSR in Construction’.
In 1929 Mayakovsky had developed an idea of this book in connection with the 10th anniversary of the ROSTA Windows (1919-1922). It was one of the most significant pieces of Soviet propaganda that appeared in the period of Russian Civil War. As Mayakovsky mentioned in the preface: ‘‘it was a record of the most difficult three-year period of the revolutionary struggle, transmitted by patches of colors and the ringing of slogans’’. At that time the hundreds posters were issued with an immense print run, but the only sixteen texts had published with the direct participation of Mayakovsky before ‘Menacing Laughter’. It was the first to gather the brightest works of the ROSTA Windows in the book form. This edition was based on the photo album which was preserved by a founder of these poster series Mikhail Cheremnykh (1890-1962). Mayakovsky selected overall 100 texts, including a well-known work ‘The Soviet ABC’, and 36 photographs of posters. Organized this inspiring edition shortly before the death, Mayakovsky had not seen that it was finally printed in 1932.

Only 8 copies located in the Worldcat.


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